Ideas are Light Baggage

I first saw the expression “Ideas are Light Baggage” while editing The Transportation Experience. I don’t know if Bill Garrison coined the term or simply adopted it, but it is a brilliant expression. While it is very hard to move physical things, ideas are weightless, and can quickly be spread. Originally this spread required the bearer of the idea to physically travel and exchange information. Then with the mail. Soon the telegraph, the telephone, the radio, and the Internet, made is so ideas can spread at the speed of light.

This blog is about spreading ideas (over space). Things that work here that might work there. There are many ideas that are already spread, they don’t need help. But as another wise man (William Gibson) once said “The future is already here, it is just unevenly distributed.”

So here we can aim to help even the distribution.

I also blog at The Transportist, so my bias is clear, I think about transport, cities, design, and the like a lot. I think about other things too, and if I see (or invent) an idea that I like, I will want to spread it.

This post is the prolog. Of course the idea of a blog about ideas may or may not be new. Surely there are enough ideas in the world they would overwhelm just one blog. Subsequent posts will be ideas.


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